Block distracting apps
Without relying on willpower

Discover how the average Padlock user reduces their screen time by 10 hours per week

Exclusively for iPhones

Stylized silver padlock illustration on a blue background.

Padlock physically seperates you from your distractions.

Place Padlock somewhere out of the way, and your distracting apps follow it, instead of staying on your phone. In order to unlock your distractions you need to tap Padlock against your phone.

With Padlock, the "Key" to unlock your distracting apps is placed out of reach. The effort involved in retrieving Padlock greatly outweighs the desire to scroll in the moment. All of this while still being able to use all your useful apps like normal.

Graphic showing app icons with text 'Select The Apps You Want To Lock Away'.


Lock your distracting apps

Choose which apps you want to block, whilst keeping useful apps always available.

Illustration of a person placing a padlock on a high shelf with the caption 'Put Padlock Somewhere Out Of The Way'.


Stash Padlock away

Put Padlock somewhere out of the way and hard to get to.

A hand holding a padlock with an illustrated phone and lock symbol in the background.


Distractions are blocked

The only way to access your locked apps is to spend effort going to where you stashed Padlock and tapping it against your phone. 

See what people are saying:

Padlock's different because it actually works

Other screen time control apps can easily be bypassed, Padlock can't. So you can't start scrolling again in a moment of weakness.

Padlock's been so helpful for me when studying! I'm able to go out to the library and actually work away for hours at a time without getting distracted and starting to doomscroll.


Verified Buyer

It's so effective, I can't be bothered to to go downstairs to unlock my apps, especially when I'm in bed and wanting to fall asleep, so they just stay locked. I'm sleeping so much better now :) 


Verified Buyer

I never realised how often I reached for my phone out of habit until I started using Padlock. It's been an eye-opener, and honestly It's really helped my mood since using it as i've got so much more free time to chill now


Verified Buyer

Silver padlock illustration on a blue backdrop.


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Padlock is a device which temporarily removes distracting apps and their notifications from your phone. Leaving the helpful tools you need to function in modern society behind.


The average Padlock user reduces their screen time by 10 hours per week, that's over 500 hours per year saved.


Compatible With Apple iPhones Only.


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    30 day guarantee - reduce your screen time, or your money back

    Physically separates you from your distracting apps

    Can't be bypassed in a moment of weakness

    Next day dispatch

    No batteries required

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    Can't I just use the standard screen time controls on my iPhone already?

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    What will you do with your newfound free time?

    Unwind in bed, phone free

    Fall asleep to the quiet hum of your own thoughts, not the glow of a screen.

    Reduce stress and anxiety

    Disconnect from the digital noise and claim back time to connect with yourself.

    Ace that exam, one page at a time

    Conquer the library with uninterrupted study sessions, the distractions on your phone safely locked away.


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